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Co-Founder and CEO

İbrahim Üstat.jpg

Owner of the Haselcin Law Office 

Regulatory Superintendent of İstanbul Stock Exchange
General manager and board member at various investment firms

Advisor to Turkish Capital Markets Investment Firms Association

Independent board member at various publicly traded companies

Member of OTC FX Trading Arbitration Comittee


Co-Founder and Vice Chair


Former head of Investment Services Division of Capital Markets Board of Turkey

Director of Operations at Istanbul Settlement and Custody Bank responsible of post-trade services for cash and derivatives market as well as commodities and energy trading. Experienced on regulation of investment banking and firms as well as payment services

Chair of OTC Trading Task Force of IOSCO Emerging Countries Committee,

Member of IOSCO Task Force on OTC Derivatives, CPMI (former CPSS)-IOSCO joint initiatives,

Membership at FSB Plenaries on behalf of IOSCO EMC Chair and IOSCO Advisory Board,

Financial Crime Investigation and Coordination Board of Turkey,

Financial Sector Committee, Capital Markets Sector Assembly of Turkish Association of Chambers

Member of OTC FX Trading Arbitration Committee.

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